Stay In Control Of Clean Water,
Easily And Automatically
IPS chemical controllers are designed to keep chemicals balanced and water clean and clear with the push of a button. All of o ur products are easy to install with guaranteed reliability and the assurance of NSF Certification under NSF/ANSI 50 on all models. Our advanced technology takes care of the chemical science for you by automatically monitoring, adjusting and dispensing the correct amount of chemicals based on user demand, ensuring optimal sanitizer levels for any pool or spa.

Industry leaders talk about the future for healthy water – learn how swimming pool automation controllers are the key.

Are Swimming pool Automation Controllers the Future for providing Healthy Water? from Water tv on Vimeo.

Where There's Water
Effectively manage chemical levels for pools, spas and water features of all sizes, anywhere—hotels, condominiums, aquatic centers, schools, public facilities, homes and more.