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M790 Automated pH & ORP Controller

For Commercial and Residential Applications. Works Well with Salt, Tab or Chemical Feeders.

The M790 takes the M770 to another level. Our IPS M790 provides automated control of pH, and is compatible with all sanitizing methods, including liquid, tablets, granular, and salt chlorine generators and can be used with Muriatic Acid or CO2.

Attractively priced for commercial users, the M790 is designed to turn on the salt chlorinator generator, or a chemical pump, or a tablet feeder. And, for pools operating with salt chlorine generators which can create a high pH environment, the M790 is an ideal complement to keep the pH levels in line.

Quick and simple to operate with push button technology, installing the M790 is a breeze, pre-assembled on a 16" x 12" mounting board (or 24" x 19" accommodates two chemical pumps), allowing you to hang it right out of the box.