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M920CA & M920wCA Automated pH and Dual ORP Controller with PPM Display and Online Monitoring

Complies with California Health Department Requirements to meet Title XXII. Available Now! Requires internet connection.

The new IPS Controller M920CA and M920wCA provide reports for installations where health departments require daily logging of Free Available Chlorine  (PPM), pH and Temperature. Check in on chemical control activity for all your pools, spas, and water features, using your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Web-based programming, monitoring and multiple email and texting options for alert notifications are built in. WiFi internet access included with the M920wCA only. A lockout feature keeps unauthorized users from making function changes.

This top-of-the line automated pH, dual ORP controller is compatible with all sanitizing methods including liquid, tablets, granular and salt chlorine generators.

The convenience of the unique dual ORP allows operators to install multiple output devices on the same pool. With dual ORP, you can use a primary sanitizer, such as salt chlorine generator, with a secondary sanitizer, such as liquid chlorine, for rapid response to increase bather load. The second ORP may also be used as a safety backup (second pump and tank) for liquid systems.

Quick and simple to operate with push button technology, installing the M920CA and M920wCA is also a breeze. It comes pre-assembled on a 16" x 12" mounting board (or 24" x 19" accommodates two chemical pumps), allowing you to hang it right out of the box.